NIBE inverter driven ground source heat pumps

SHS is now Installing a number of the new NIBE inverter driven ground source heat pumps with very positive reports from customers, the NIBE F1155 & F1255 are intelligent heat pumps fitted with inverter controlled compressors and speed-controlled circulation pumps.Suitable for small and large residential buildings. The heat pump adjusts itself automatically to the power demand of the house. This results in optimal savings as the heat pump always operates at the correct performance all year round.

With the addition of various accessories, our new heat pumps can do much more than merely heat your home and hot water. For example, they can be used to cool your home in summer, ventilate it cost-effectively, or even heat your swimming pool.

For an idea of how much a ground source heat pump could save you visit the NIBE website and try the savings calculator

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